Cheap Server Costs – What’s the Right Price to Host a Website in 2020? 

If you’re a small business owner or startup, you care about your company’s image. You know that your image begins online with your website’s presence. Ensuring that your website always runs smoothly with fast load times and limited downtime will be a key to its success. If your website is running on a cheap server you might be okay, but you might also be looking for increased performance and reliability.

Server costs are typically varied on hosting plan features and support. High-end website hosting like WPEngine, Media Temple, or Liquid Web usually include hosting features that make your website incredibly fast & secure. They also have world class dedicated support teams which can quickly fix any issue. Cheap server plans will come with much less bang and might lead to a more sluggish website. Their hosting support is usually not as highly ranked as the most costly solutions.

Which Route Should I Take?

It depends on your priorities and how much your website matters. Most small businesses with sales coming from referrals or other sources can get by just fine on a cheap server. But if you’re planning on having a large digital presence, doing eCommerce, or investing in your online marketing campaign, you should take your website hosting seriously and pitch for a mid or higher end solution.

Think of buying website hosting like you would buying a car. More expensive means more powerful, more features, and going a lot further with downtime.

How To Compare Cheap Server Costs

Our 100% free tool is here to help. We allow you to see all of the leading website hosting providers so you can compare costs, features, and reviews instantly. Give it a try and see how much you can be saving on web hosting. And if you’re looking for a cheap server you can see the lowest cost quotes.

Cheap Server Costs